Pedro Barros made it a three-peat today at X Games Skate Park in Barcelona, Spain with runs that put the rest to shame. Barros blasted a kickflip indy over a hip to start off his final run that culminated with a giant backside air into a huge indy 540. Curren Caples was riding on point all weekend as he qualified first for the event, but he landed in second when it was all said and done. Brad McClain came out firing this yeafr and earned himself a podium position and a bronze medal. Check out Barros blairing through the park course and the results below, and for more information read the recap article on


1st Place – Pedro Barros 86.00

2nd Place – Curren Caples 82.00

3rd Place – Brad McClain 78.00

4th Place – Rune Glifberg 75.00

5th Place – Alex Sorgente 68.00

6th Place – Raven Tershy 58.00