Hailing from the host country of the current X Games location, Pedro Barros gave the Brazilian fans something to cheer for during the Skateboard Park event where he was looked to be the favorite to win.  With high speeds and great fluidity throughout the entire park, Barros bolted through every pump in order to boost high off of every lip in order to land transfers to nosegrind tailgrabs, padless 540s and just about anything that came to mind in the middle of his assault. Next in line on the podium was Rune Glifberg followed closely by Ben Hatchell, both of whom came out firing with their first runs taking their top scores. Check out Barros’ speed lines through the park and see the results from the event below. For more infomation from the event, check out the article posted on XGames.com.


1st Place – Pedro Barros 83.00

2nd Place – Rune Glifberg 76.00

3rd Place – Ben Hatchell 73.00

4th Place – Andy Macdonald 65.00

5th Place – Kevin Kowalski 61.00

6th Place – Aaron Homoki 48.00