Pedro Barros invited most of Florianopolis, Brazil to house this weekend to take in the contest action from the Red Bull Skate Generation. Matching up multiple generations of transition slayers, Skate Generation groups a legend, master, pro and am all together to skate against similarly put together teams. This year, it was the the team of Pedro Barros, Christian Hosoi, Duzinho Braz and Vi Kakino that made up the winning riders in the bowl. Thanks to we have an edit of the event fresh from Brazil to show some of the best highlights from the competition. Take a look at the video below for a glimpse at the action and scroll down to the bottom for the complete results.


1st – Team 1

Pedro Barros (Professional)

Christian Hosoi (Legend)

Duzinho Braz (Master)

Vi Kakinho (Amateur)


2nd – Team 2

Felipe Caltabiano – "Foguinho" (Professional)

Eddie Elguera "El Gato" (Legend)

Léo Kakinho (Master)

Fábio Junqueira Reis (Amateur)


3rd – Team 3

Sandro Dias (Professional)

Steve Alba (Legend)

Marco Cruz (Master)

Tristan  Rennie (Amateur)


4th- Team 5

Omar Hassan (Professional)

Luiz Roberto "Formiga" (Legend)

Miguel Zafari – "Catarina" (Master)

Augusto Akio Santos – "Japinha" (Amateur)


5th- Team 6

Joshua Rodrigues – "J-Rod" (Professional)

Marco Aurélio "Jeff" (Legend)

Maurício Hebe – "Chinelinho" (Master)

Alan Resende dos Santos (Amateur)


6th- Team 4

Murilo Peres (Professional)

James Ruiz – "Bigo" (Legend)

Sergie Ventura (Master)

Caiqu Silva (Amateur)