Dew Tour brought the bowl back to Ocean City, and if the semi-finals are any indicator as to what finals will bring things are going to be hotter in the bowl than the sand!


Pedro Barros, 540

 Pedro Barros, 540


Pedro Barros is looking for a repeat Ocean City win this year as he was the top qualifier from the bowl semi-finals. Coming in hot with speed and style during heat number five, Barros made his way to the top of the leader-board without any bumps from the riders in the sixth heat. Barros blasted undoubtedly higher than the rest out of the competition in every corner of the bowl and complimented his airs with long stand up front 50-50’s and smith grinds through the corners, as well.


 Bucky Lasek, into the pocket


Bucky Lasek finished off the semis in second with an air to fakie over the hip into the deep end and his solid 540s. Tom Schaar came out in the first heat and placed third with a giant 720 in the deep end and some stylish stalefishes in the corners.


 Tom Schaar, stalefish

The top ten skaters from today’s semi-finals will be back in the bowl on Sunday competing from 2:45 – 4pm ET. Be sure to tune into NBC to catch all the action! Until then, check out the live webcast HERE and find highlights of Pedro Barros’ semi-finals runs.


1. Pedro Barros 83.00

2. Bucky Lasek 80.75

3. Tom Schaar 80.25

4. Ben Hatchell 79.00

5. Andy Macdonald 79.00

6. Alex Sorgente 77.50

7. Joshua Rodriguez 76.75

8. Sandro Dias 75.25

9. Zach Miller 75.00

10. Kalani David 74.25