Under the hot Las Vegas sun, Brazil’s Pedro Barros took first in the Skate Vert Semi-Final, blasting massive airs with solid tricks. He put up an 86.00, impressing the judges with a huge kickflip indy, a stalefish 540, and a Indy 540. Following close behind in second with a 85.25 was Alex Perelson (San Diego, CA), and coming in third with a 84.75 was Andy Macdonald from Boston, MA. They will join the top three overall skaters, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Bucky Lasek and Shaun White, along with the list below below in tomorrow’s finals.

1. Pedro Barros – 86.00
2. Alex Perelson – 85.25
3. Andy Macdonald – 84.75
4. Sandro Dias – 82.25
5. Adam Taylor – 81.50
6. Ronaldo Gomes – 79.25
7. Jonathan Schwan – 78.50

For the full list of results, click here

Pedro Barros – 1st Place

Alex Perelson – 2nd Place

Andy Macdonald – 3rd Place

Sandro Dias – 4th Place

Adam Taylor – 5th Place

Ronaldo Gomes – 6th Place

Jonathan Schwan – 7th Place