The Dew Tour Beach Championships hosted in Ocean City, Maryland knew the crowd wouldn't mind saving the best for last – the Skate Bowl Final went off with an absolutely packed and pumped grandstand of fans from the sand!

The format for the final included the top ten skaters from the semi-final and broke them into two heats. Each heat of five skaters were allotted four, 35-second runs each taking turns in an organized jam format with their best two runs averaging for their overall score. Following that, they pulled the top five skaters into the Final Round 2, aka the Super Final, for another display of the raw talent and a last chance to take the coveted Dew Cup.

Pedro Barros blasting over the hip. 

Straight out of the gate in the first heat Pedro Barros dropped in and made a claim for the top spot, which he took with his first run through the remaining of the heat – that is until he dropped in again. On his fourth and final run of the first heat he was flying through the bowl with more speed than ever. Barros threw a giant 540 in the deep end which sent him flying into the shallows where he then hopped out of the bowl and had to Ollie over two sets of cameraman cords before he ollied back into the deep end and straight into a seatbelt smith grind through the opposite corner – that run provided so much more than an adrenaline rush for the fans to watch!

Bucky Lasek working the deep end of the bowl.

Next up in the second heat we saw the Bucky Lasek, the local legend from the state of Maryland, come in strong looking to take home two golds for the weekend – Bucky earned a gold in Skate Vert the day prior. Bucky threw multiple 540 combinations in the corners and on the flat walls in the deep end plus a front blunt through another corner. Still, it was not enough to unseat Barros from the top spot as he was in search of a 3-peat in the bowl at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

That was exactly what he did! The Super Final was packed with great action from all guys, but Barros came in stronger and faster than ever. Barros' classic lines of high speed transfers into the corners and giant 540s are simply to stylish to ignore.

Third place finisher Kalani David getting stylish. 

"It feels amazing! I'm always happy to be skating bowl and to be skating [Dew Tour]," said Barros still catching his breath with fresh "war paint" on his face that he rubbed on for his country Brazil that is currently going through some conflict. Barros went on to coment on the design and fluidity of the Dew Tour bowl, "It's totally different. It was designed by a bowl skater that rips (Chris Miller, winner of Skate Bowl Legends) and it has totally different lines. You can go super high out of it and fast. It's a pleasure to be able to skate it." 

Congratulations Pedro Barros on the 3-peat at the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, Maryland!

Be sure to check back shortly for the complete results posted below, a photo gallery posted to the top of this article and video of the first place run!

Podium from left to right: Bucky Lasek, second, Pedro Barros, first, Kalani David, third. 


1st Place – Pedro Barros – 89.62

2nd Place – Bucky Lasek – 87.62

3rd Place – Kalani David – 84.12

4th Place – Tom Schaar – 80.25

5th Place – Kevin Kowalski – 70.75