There's a new kid making waves on the Dew Tour park scene after 16-year-old Patrick Casey destroyed the course during BMX park prelims and finished as the top qualifier at the Toyota Challenge.

Casey was the youngest rider in his heat, but had the biggest tricks after he did a flip whip to start his run, an insane tailwhip catch tailwhip, a double truckdriver and a footjam nosepick.

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Nike 6.0's Dennis Enarson nearly flew off the course in his first run, but redeemed himself on his next one and bumped up into second.

Garrett Reynolds landed trick after trick in his run with no dead time, starting with huge truckdriver drop, then a barspin to turndown, 180 barspin to half cab in, tuck no hander 360 and his run.

Scotty Cranmer finished fourth and put out a solid first run that started with huge no-handed frontflip, superman seatgrab Indian, icepick on back peg and 360 double tailwhip.

The fifth qualifier was Jeremiah Smith, who came back in his second run with a truckdriver, barspin to tailwhip, downside 270 whip over the hip to boost his score.

Dave Dilleward was in the lead at one point after he pulled a 360 invert, a truckdriver, a 540 turndown, a 270 tailwhip, and a fufanu, but he finished sixth.

A big turndown on the quarter and a one-handed X up were just a few of the solid tricks Brian Hunt landed to take the seventh qualifying spot.

Another young sensation making a name for himself is 20-year-old Andy Buckworth, who grabbed the eight spot with a huge frontflip, big flair on the quarter, 900 and more.

The last qualifying spot went Ronnie Napolitan, who earned a spot in the first finals of his career. You could tell he was looking to make finals with his downwhip, nosebonk, X Up and downside whip over the hip.

It came down to the last minutes of the BMX Park prelims to decide if 15-year-old wonder kid Brett Banasiewicz would improve his score and earn a spot into the finals. He's currently ranked first in BMX dirt, and well on his way to a Dew Cup.

Banasiewicz went on a tear in his run and pulled an insane tailwhip to barspin, a 360 tailwhip, flair transfer and a double tailwhip over the hip and watched from the sidelines for his score to post. When the results came up and he was scored in tenth, boos could be heard from the crowd. But with such a heated prelims, it came down to the wire.

The top 9 qualifiers will join the join Daniel Dhers, Mike Spinner and Mark Webb, the top three overall points leaders, in Sunday's park finals


1. Pat Casey, 89.38
2. Dennis Enarson, 89.00
3. Garrett Reynolds, 88.88
4. Scotty Cranmer, 88.25
5. Jeremiah Smith, 88.13

For full results from the prelims, go here.