Dew Tour Pro Brett “Maddog” Banasiewicz took the win

The ASA Big Air Triples is a pretty unique BMX series. It consists of two giant jumps followed by a quarterpipe, and after watching the pros kill the setup, it starts to look like an incredible trails session. The Triples brings together Park rippers like Vince Byron and Brett Banasiewicz and puts them up against Dirt shredders like TJ Ellis and Luke Parslow. This past weekend the ASA brought the heat to Augusta, Georgia, and BMX history was made.

James Foster, no hander flip

The format of the ASA events are head-to-head brackets, so two riders take turns, and then the judges hold up a number voting for who moves onto the next round. There is a loser's bracket too, so even if you get knocked out in an early run, riders still have a chance to fight their way back in.

Mike Clark, down 3 whip

The Augusta Big Air triples was filled with Dew Tour riders battling for the top spot and the roster reads like a who's-who of BMX pros. AJ Anaya, Brett Banasiewicz, Vince Byron, Mike Clark, Austin Coleman, TJ Ellis, James Foster, Seth Klinger, Craig Mast, Cory Nastazio, Luke Parslow, Colton Satterfield, Mike Spinner, and Zack Warden were the Dew Tour regulars battling it out in Georgia, and they all threw down.

A.J. Anaya, 360 whip

Nearly every big jumping trick you can think of went down this weekend (the 1080 and quad-whip were the only big ones missing). Before the finals even hit, Satterfield was up against Banasiewicz, and Colton laid down a 360-flip, 360-tuck, and a flair.

TJ Ellis and Mike Clark

Then Mad Dog shocked everyone by pulling a double-front-flip over the first set! That's a trick that's only been done on the Mega Ramp by two riders, so for Brett to fire this out on a normal-sized jump was flat-out insane. Brett hit the next lip and fired out a flair-whip instead of jumping it, but it still was enough for him to advance to the next round.

Brett Banasiewicz, no hander flip

As the day progressed, the riders kept dropping bombs, and by the time it got to the final bracket, it was James Foster versus Brett Banasiewicz. Foster had been riding incredibly all day long, but when he went for a truck-to-double-downside-whip over the second set during his first run in the finals, it resulted in a terrible crash. Luckily he got a couple scrapes and a serious headache, but that was the extent of his injuries.

Seth Klinger, 360 over the table

After Brett crashed the double-front in his first finals run, he threw down a "safety run" (no-hand-front flip is safe?), to take the win.

Luke Parslow, turndown flip 3

There are more ASA Big Air Triples hitting cities around the country for the rest of the year, and judging by this event, you don't want to miss out.

Austin Coleman, Superman seat grab

1. Brett Banasiewicz
2. James Foster
3. Vince Byron (tie)
3. TJ Ellis      (tie)