After not advancing to the super final at the Dew Tour season opener, Paul Rodriguez used his switch-stance skills to take the win in skate park at today's Wendy's Invitational.


Greg Lutzka, who won the first stop, killed it in finals and took second place. His podium finish also earned him the overall lead for skate park, putting him in prime position for the Dew Cup he’s gunning for this season. Heading into the final jam, Lutzka held the lead over the rest of the field, with Chaz Ortiz and Rodriguez trailing close behind. Ortiz, a former Dew Cup champ himself, finished in third place.

In the park finals, the top 12 skaters from the weekend were separated into two six-man heats and the top six advanced to the seven-minute super final jam. The heat played a heavy factor into the finals, and some of the skaters were struggling with their landings on the flat bottom.

Chaz Ortiz

All six skaters in the final seven-minute jam session laid down plenty of bangers, including Ortiz's kickflip frontside feeble and Lutzka's frontside bigspin noseslide down the handrail, a first for him in competition. But it was switch-specialist P-Rod who consistently landed the hardest tricks of the group, including a switch frontside feeble and a switch tre flip for the win.

Ryan Sheckler

After the first heat of skaters finished shredding the course, Rodolfo Ramos put up a strong score to give him a comfortable lead over the rest of his competition. But with heavy hitters Rodriguez, Ortiz, Ryan Sheckler and Lutzka coming up in the second heat, Ramos' lead didn't last for long.  Each of the skaters in the second heat posted solid scores right off the bat, and everyone from Heat One except Ramos was eliminated.


1. Paul Rodriguez, 86.40
2. Greg Lutzka, 85.83
3. Chaz Ortiz, 85.38
4. Ryan Sheckler, 82.18
5. Bastien Salabanzi, 80.65
6. Rodolfo Ramos, 80.60

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