No Wine-ing Here!

Vicky, Stella, and Vanessa are from Napa and it's their ninth time up to Tahoe this season. "Once we found out the crowd was for the Winter Dew Tour," they said. "We didn't mind how crowded the slopes are. It's exciting!"

(Northern) California Dreamin’

Vacationing with the “fun parents” has never been so good. These 12- and 13-yearolds are from Carmel, California, and come up twice a year for a family ski trip. They said the backside of Northstar is where to find the best runs.
Dominick Pichinini doesn't have a favorite rider "because they're all so awesome. I want to be just like them." He spoke with conviction when he told us about his plan to be a competitive snowboarder within ten years time. At 12 years of age, bud, it's anybody's game. Go for it.

Norwegian Ambassadors of Stoke

Mads Hoarstad and his crew.

Mads Hoarstad said he and his buddies are state-side for month of fun. They were stayed in Breck and now Tahoe, all the while filming a "friend movie".

They say Tahoe is cheaper than Norway, so it's cool; they didn't have to save up all year to make it out here. Fellow countryman Torstein Horgmo, is their favorite snowboarder.

“Rasta” and His “Gang”

These guys threw some kind of Tahoe gang sign when I asked where they were from.

Taylor Beand’s friends call him "Rasta".

Dew Tour skier Andre Simonpietri was sessioning with his buds. He went big but fell. "I'm pretty good but I can't land my run," he said.