By: Nick Lipton – Heat, humidity, and a late start couldn't dampen the good time that is Orlando's nightlife. The official Alli After-Dark party was a relaxed affair, but riders and friends could be found all over the city at various bars, pizza shops, and parking lots until late in the night. The Lodge threw the official party. This spot had bouncers in great shirts, and a lot of dead animals on the wall. After running into a few of the athletes, the party eventually moved on. Each place our group visited catered to us as if they had all been asked to throw the official after party, and at each spot we would find and recruit another athlete to join our roaming gang. By closing time we had all set up shop in a swanky bar where even after the lights came on people could be seen dancing, singing, and indulging in Orlando's offerings.

Chris Gentry and Kurtis Colamonico enjoying the first night in Orlando.

Dave Duncan is always at the party, always.

Rockstar dudes have taken over Orlando

TJ Ellis showed up to pose with Kurtis's lady gang

Keep an eye out in Orlando this weekend, pro riders could be eating a pizza right next to you.

Another bar another pro, the first night in Orlando was a fan fantasy. Greg Lutzka celebrated his first place prelim spot late into the night.

Chris Gentry always keeps the good times alive. Fabrizio Santos, Robert Lopez Mont