With big ramps, huge transfers and all the possibilities for fast and insane lines, Daniel Dhers called out Ryan Nyquist as the guy who would be destroying the BMX park course at the Dew Tour Championships. But it was unlikely anyone predicted Nyquist would be the dude that was dead last going into his last run of the Vegas finals.

But he did what only Nyquist can do and took the win, leaving the Dew Cup in a precarious balance just out of reach of overall points leader and the ever-consistent Dhers, who watched as his placing dropped from fifth, to sixth, to seventh and out of Cup contention. But Dhers being Dhers, he made another miraculous last run comeback to earn the fourth Dew Cup of his career.

This is the third year in a row Nyquist won park at the last stop of the Tour, and in '08 his win killed Dhers' quest for a perfect season. In Vegas, Nyquist came back with a 720 down the step down to start off his final run, and from that moment it was on.

Ryan Nyquist

"Ryan, he's either off or on," Dhers said. "It's weird when you see him being off, and then on right after. But Ryan just laid it down and showed us how the veterans do it."

Ryan Nyquist, truck driver                                                        Mark Webb, decade up the step up

"It worked out probably better than I could have wanted to do it," Nyquist said of the trick. "It was probably too close for comfort how smooth I landed. Looking back at the replay I was like, 'Man, if I would have pulled back a little more, it could have been a whole different situation.'"

Check out the trick replay below

After the 720, Nyquist did a tuck no-hander transfer into the curved wall ride, a truck driver transfer and a barspin back flip to score 92.75 and take the lead.

Josh Perry, double tailwhip drop-in

"I put some stuff together that was sort of scary for me," Nyquist said. "But I just enjoy going fast and blasting ramps, so this was a good course for that."

Morgan Wade, flair transfer

After Nyquist took the lead in the final round, there were three more guys left to ride and any one of them could have stolen the top podium spot. Mark Webb was first, followed by Garrett Reynolds and then Dhers was the last to ride, and all three guys entered the finals in Dew Cup contention.

Brett Banasiewicz, truck driver

"Those last three runs, all of us were like, 'Alright, here it goes. Roll the dice,'" Reynolds said.

Gary Young

Webb started off his run really strong, with a 360 invert followed by an insane 360 triple tailwhip over the box, and then he just started packing tricks into his run. His score of 90.25 bumped him up to fifth, behind Brett Banasiewicz, but he didn't crack the podium.

“Everything was smooth and pretty cool,” Webb said. “And then the three triple whip, that came around sweet, and they don't come around too often either. The last time I did that trick was 2006 in France. And I'm just really stoked I pulled that trick again. It's been another good year on Dew Tour and I'm going to come back and smash it next year."

Next up to ride was defending Dew Cup champ Garrett Reynolds, who had already secured his spot on the podium, but his final run could shake up the order. He started off with solid tricks including a nollie 360 to barspin and a 360 tuck to truckdriver, but he fell on that one. His best trick actually came after the buzzer, when he casually pulled a 720 drop-in.

"I was just really happy when I was doing the 720 into the bank just chilling," Reynolds said. "I haven't done one of those in probably like a year and a half. So it felt good to do something that I haven't done in a while."

Jeremiah Smith, Superman seatgrab

After Garrett went, Dhers still had one run left to pull it together, if not for the win, then for Dew Cup number four. He was bobbly in his first run and ended up sitting in seventh going into his final, and at that point was out of Dew Cup contention.

Daniel Dhers, 360 tailwhip down the step down

"Nyquist did an amazing run and then he came over and said, 'Hey man, you got it,'' Dhers said. "And I was like, 'Whoa, ok.' It was crazy because I respect him a lot and he was giving me respect back. So I was like, 'Ok, this is good. Just focus on what you need to do.'"

Brandon Dosch, 360 turndown over the hip

Dhers is Mr. Consistency as much as Nyquist is the Comeback Kid, so he knew what to do and it worked. He started things off with a corked out no-handed 720, a 360 barspin to x-up, then came the crazy 720 tire grab. He kept going without so much as a straight air, and after a 360 double tailwhip over the spine to finish things off, he scored a 91.38 to bump into second and earn his fourth Dew Cup, while Reynolds finished third.

"For a split second I thought Daniel had it," Nyquist said. "I really did. I was like, 'Man, I'll take second.' I pooped on his party a couple times, you know, and I'm sure he's not happy about that."

Dennis Enarson, flip whip

But after the run he put out, Nyquist was the undisputed winner and everyone agreed.

Garrett Reynolds, double truck 540

"Nyquist was amazing," Reynolds said. "When I was watching him ride, I was like, 'Alright, there it goes, give it to Nyquist.' Last stop every year at Dew Tour he's just going for broke, I guess. That 720 drop down he did was nuts. Nuts. Crazy."

Park Podium, l-r, Daniel Dhers, 2nd; Ryan Nyquist, 1st; Garrett Reynolds, 3rd

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