By: Nick Lipton – The Female Superpipe Final was over in a flash. In what seemed like only minutes six athletes landed multiple bangers in an attempt to podium at the first Dew Tour stop of the winter. In the end it was the Spanish Olympian Queralt Castellet who stood atop the podium. The only athlete to score in the 90s Queralt's runs stole the show by being consistent, hammer filled, and packed with style.

Elena Hight may have entered the Final as the top qualifier, but Queralt's riding proved too much for anyone to match. Queralt made her mark by throwing multiple 900s, and clean ones at that. While the 900's were great it was Queralt's healthy balance of 720s and 540s that sealed her Superpipe victory.

With the Spanish Flame took 1st two podium spots remained unfilled. Big air and back to back spins helped Sarah Conrad stand out, and grab up 2nd place. Sarah had plenty of airtime in both her runs, and back to back 540's and a backside 720 were plenty for her 2nd place finish. After the standings were finalized Sarah was stoked, "The pipe was good. It was fun and super quick. I couldn't be happier."

Women’s Superpipe Highlights

Also standing on the Dew Tour podium was Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas. Having just landed her run in the Slopestyle Prelim Kjersti's pipe performance was boosted by a high flying sense of confidence. Kjersti, a two time Olympian known for her huge air to fakie, landed some switch spins, a front 720, and a gnarly Crippler. Her combination of flips, spins and technical snowboarding separated Kjersti from the pack, giving her a 3rd place finish and a whole lot to be proud of.

While the other three competitors may not have reached the podium, they still rode well. Coming in 4th place Kelly Marren's big air and "bizerk" 900s were entertaining. Kelly's 900s were a bit more ballerina style than Queralt's, resulting in her lower scores, but in the world of female snowboarding a 900 is still very impressive. Kelly should be considered a podium threat in upcoming events.

The top seed yesterday the 5th seed today. Elena Hight barely missed 4th place, but after a safe first run and a fall in her second there wasn't much Elena could do to improve her standing. Considering the facts though, Elena's 540s, 720s, and banger backside airs could have taken first. If she could have held on during her second run there is no telling where she would have placed, but it would probably be somewhere on the podium.

Kaitlyn Farrington may have come in 6th place but it wasn't for a lack of effort. Kaitlyn's last place finish had nothing to do with trick selection or an under performance, simply put, she just fell. Falling happens in Superpipe, and while this lady was on her feet she had amazing style and great backside 720s. If Kaitlyn landed a run she too could shake up the leader board.

The Female Superpipe Final in Breckenridge, Colorado was packed with banger tricks and good style. It was quick, dirty, and fun to watch, and in the end the ladies left happy and the scoring seemed justified. In future Dew stops some added competition should join the roster, upping the level of competition and the awe factor for the spectating crowd.

1. Queralt Castellet, 92.50
2. Sarah Conrad, 89.00
3. Kjersti Østgaard Buaas, 87.00