Most guys leave the trip to Disneyland celebration until after a big win, but Ryan Nyquist headed there with his family after he got eliminated from this weekend's Nike 6.0 HB Pro qualifiers. During the visit, he got a call that a rider was hurt and he was still in the competition as the next highest qualifier. So it was back to the Huntington Beach, CA event for him.

The second chance worked for Nyquist, and he won Sunday’s Finals after posting a 93.25 in an action-packed run full of back-to-back tricks. He dropped in, did a double truck to long driveway, 540 double barspin to quarter, and landed good enough to hit the driveway back and do a no-footed can-can nothing. Another huge trick for him was his 810 over the hip, even though he crashed that one.

Ryan Nyquist                                                                                                                 All photos courtesy Nike 6.0

"I was super pumped on it because no one was spinning that hip, so to be able to do that, I feel like that kind of speaks words," Nyquist said.

Dhers was trailing by two points going into his last run, and he finished in second with a score of 91 after he wasn't able to unseat Nyquist.

Daniel Dhers

"Nobody was going to beat that score," Dhers said. "It was impossible."

Nike 6.0 rider Dennis Enarson tore the course apart and finished third with 90.75, but he was blown away by Nyquist’s riding.

Dennis Enarson

"Once every couple months it seems like Nyquist throws the run of his life, and then the next two months he'll one-up himself," Enarson said. "He's like 31 now and I'm pretty sure he has 100 more of those runs up his sleeve. So he'll be around until he's like 80, I bet."

The win didn't come easy for Nyquist though.

"I've been battling this course just trying to find a good line where I can do all the stuff I want to do," Nyquist said. "There's so much stuff to do on this course, but it just seems like that bowl was the trickiest thing to just figure out how to get in out of it and link everything together. It took me three days to just figure out that run, and I'm real happy that it came to be and that I thought of it, but I'm tired."

Andrew Buckworth

With the X Games last weekend, the Nike 6.0 HB Pro, and the Dew Tour's Wendy's Invitational in a matter of days, there's no rest for the contest riders.

"It's been a long month," Dhers said. "I was in Germany before Dew Tour. I'm going to Woodward West for a couple days and then I'll go to Portland."

Dhers is ranked second overall in Dew Tour BMX park.

Craig Mast

Enarson competes in both dirt and park, and has won dirt on Portland before, but he was hesitant to make any predictions on whether he'll do it again next week.

"I never really think about that," Enarson said. "It would be cool, but I'm just going to go and have fun as always. Just being there is fun. I love Portland."

Sixteen-year-old Pat Casey finished seventh in Huntington Beach, and he made it to his first Dew Tour finals at last month's event.

Pat Casey

"I'm actually getting pretty used to these contests, so it's actually not that big of a deal," Casey said. "Or, I try to not make it a big deal so I won't fall or anything. But it's definitely fun."

Another young blood on the Dew Tour, 15-year-old Brett Banasiewicz, was competing at the Nike 6.0 HB pro and finished in fourth, and he also got fourth at X Games, after winning the Dew Tour dirt competition in Chicago.

Brett Banasiewicz

"I'm not used to the California heat but it's better than Chicago," he said. "Forty-five second runs are pretty good." But he's not happy with his two fourth-places finishes that followed his first two wins of the season, and said he's going home to practice before Portland. One guy that's going home to rest though is Nyquist.

"I've rode so much here this weekend that I don't feel like I need to be on the bike before Dew Tour," Nyquist said. "I could use the break and hopefully that means I can come in there fresh and ready to go."

Jeremiah Smith

The Dew Tour's Wendy's Invitational is Aug. 12-14 at Portland's Rose Quarter. For more information on the Wendy’s Invitational, click here. For ticketing, click here.

Nike 6.0 HB Pro Results

  1. Ryan Nyquist, 93.25, $25,000
  2. Daniel Dhers, 91.00, $15,000
  3. Dennis Enarson, 90.75, $10,000
  4. Brett Banasiewicz, 90.50, $8,000
  5. Jeremiah Smith, 90.25, $7,000
  6. Garrett Reynolds, 89.00, $6,000
  7. Pat Casey, 86.75*, $5,000
  8. Andy Buckworth, 86.75*, $3,500
  9. Craig Mast, 86.75*, $3,500
  10. Brandon Dosch, 84.25, $2,000

*Pat Casey, Andy Buckworth, and Craig Mast all tied with 86.75. Casey won the tie-breaker to claim 7th place. Buckworth and Mast remain tied for 8th place, and split purse.