The iconic street course inspired by San Francisco’s historic skate spots attracted a whole slew of new skaters to Dew Tour’s Toyota City Championships making for a contest that will long be remembered by all who skated, watched and especiall by those who missed it as these replicated spots mimic those that have shaped early street skating into what it is today – most of which are no longer around in their original state if at all.

To top things off, Lil’ Wayne was on-site to perform a few songs on the course between heats!

As the top professionals gathered early this morning taking their final laps prior to the contest’s start, the historic spots of hubba hideout, China banks, 3rd and Army manual pads and the Pier 7 stairs with manual pad were soaked in by all and warmed up with anything but average tricks as every skater in the finals prepared to throw it all on the line to take the Dew Tour skate street title. With twelve skaters advancing from the semi-finals, the finals consisted of two six-man heats allowing all skaters a 30 second intro run before skating in an organized jam. Following the first two heats was the super final where only the top five went on to give it their all.

Nyjah Huston’s solo run

In the end it was Nyjah Huston topping the list and taking the 2012 Dew Tour skate street title! Nyjah has grown to become one of the most consistent skaters in the game and is certainly not afraid to throw his tricks onto and down any size obstacle. Nyjah landed just about every trick he tried and pulled multple trick lines such as a kickflip frontside boardslide on the big rail then a bigspin frontside boardslide on the second rail. Nyjah also landed a kickflip backside 5-0 down the hubba then hopped onto the top of the China bank and hardflipped off the end into the lower bank. Other notable giant hubba tricks included his kickflip backside tailslide to fakie and his hardflip backside 5-0. Nyjah was in beast mode today and nobody was able to slow him down.

“I think [the course design] is awesome! It was a really sick idea, replicating spots from a city that has so much history such as San Francisco,” said Nyjah after he hopped off the podium with his trophy at his side. “To be on the podium with [Torey Pudwill and Paul Rodriguez] no matter what place I get is an honor because I have looked up to thse guys for a long time, and they absolutely killed it!” stated the always modest Nyjah.

Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill finished in second at the end of the super finals with lines like backside smith grind down the hubba on his way to a kickflip backside lipslide to fakie on the Pier 7 ledge – Torey also landed a frontside lipslide to switch crooked grind on the Pier 7 ledge. Torey’s technical skating was displayed all over the course with feeble grinds across the flat bar to kickflip out, which complimented his larger tricks down the stairs such as backside 360s and nollie flips. Torey’s grizzly appearance only added to his gnarly tricks and overall controlled style.

“I love how they recreated old school SF spots,” said Torey. With regard to placing second between Nyjah and Paul, Torey went on to say, “I’m actually really hyped and surprised to be up there on the podium with them. Those guys are always on point and landing their tricks.” 

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez rounded off the podium taking home the third place spot after a seemingly effortless session where he landed both regualr and switch 360 flips down the stairs. Other notable tricks of Paul’s include his frontside lipslide down the big rail on his way to a switch backside lipslide down the second rail – Paul also landed switch frontside bluntslide down the smaller rail and switch frontside feeble. With the switch arsenal that only P-Rod seems to have, it was undeniable that he would make his way onto the podium.

“It’s great seeing these spots ressurected because most of them, apart from 3rd and Army, are not skateable anymore at all – hubba hideout is not even there at all. It was good seeing the spots brought back to life. It was nostalgic,” said Paul when referencing the iconic skatepark design. Paul went on to comment on the new format of the Dew Tour. “I’m stoked on the fact that it is just a one contest winner-take-all.”

Congrats to all the skaters for putting on the best skate finals Dew Tour has seen to date!


1st Place – Nyjah Huston 93.75

2nd Place – Torey Pudwill 89.50

3rd Place – Paul Rodriguez 86.75

4th Place – Milton Martinez 85.00

5th Place – Felipe Gustavo 83.25