Nyjah Huston did it again and took home another Street League Skateboarding win! Check the video below for a glimpse of how he did it.


Nyjah Huston won his second consecutive Street League Skateboarding Contest at this weekend’s stop in Ontario, CA. "This win in Ontario felt awesome," said Huston. "It was another one that was really close. It was great and I feel so good. Time to go celebrate!"

The event was down to the wire, but Huston pulled through with the win.

"I'm thrilled to come back to California and showcase Street League's evolution as the most exciting skateboarding contest ever," says creator Rob Dyrdek. "Again it came down to the very last trick with Ortiz, Malto, and Huston all having a shot to win. In the end, Huston landed the biggest tricks when it mattered and showed again that when he is at the top of his game he's unstoppable." 

Nyjah – switch flip

Nyjah – cab backside noseblunt

Street League Ontario Results
1. Nyjah Huston 47.7
2. Chaz Ortiz 46.2
3. Sean Malto 45.9
4. Luan Oliveira 40.4
5. Paul Rodriguez 37.5
6. Peter Ramondetta 29.0
7. David Gonzalez 14.0
8. Tommy Sandoval 3.9