By: Nick Lipton – I'm on a roof, there's a nice breeze, it's October, and I'm warm. Thank you Alli After-Dark. Friday night will be tough to top. The roof of Orlando's Sky 60 club holds a dance floor, full bar, multiple cabanas, and enough room to house a real swell get together. Add the secret After-Dark ingredients like a DJ, your friends and favorite athletes, and now you've got an all out bash on your hands. The Sky 60 was closed to the public, so having credentials, or being on "the list" was a must. If you got through the doors and up to the roof though, you were treated like a king. Drinks were half off, people were letting loose, and you couldn't help but have a good time. Free bottles started popping up all over the place and the party was turned up to 11. A few hours went by, a whole lot of fun was had, and then it was time to close up and move on.

Saturday night’s party heads to Antigua, where we will be celebrating the Skate Park final and supporting the Athlete Recovery Fund.

Fabrizio Santos giving Late Night Lisa skate tips.

If you were lucky enough to have a credential, you got ushered to Sky 60's roof top bar.

Danny and Frabrizio with a group of party girls.

Zach Warden and friends taking it easy before another busy Dew Tour day.

Carlos De Andrade, Wagner Ramos, Dave Duncan, and Chris Gentry letting loose.

Matching shirts have never been so cool.

Our host for the night, Dave Duncan, can cut loose, and is VIP in all of our Alli After-Dark coverage.

Garrett Reynolds trying to impress the ladies in his bank robber outfit.

Mr. Rockstar had knee surgery, so he convinced Ronnie Faisst to carry him around.

At the end of the night, you can always find the tailgaters continuing to party!