Moody's Bistro & Lounge

10007 Bridge Street
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 587.8688
Moody's is your go-to stop in Truckee for a bit of French-y gourmet dining. Featuring the menus of Executive Chef Mark Estee, who prides himself on the great amount of local meats and vegetables (usually) delivered to the restaurant by the farmer himself (how homey!) makes a killer Ahi 4 Ways. Wrapped in an interior swathed in burnt-mango colors blended with rich, dark wood cabinetry, circular mafia tables are perfect for groups; solitary diners can belly up with some gourmet s'mores and Camus at the counter.

Casa Baeza
10010 Bridge Street
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 587.2161

Okay, so this isn't the stuff you're gonna find in San Francisco's Mission District, but, relatively speaking, this little Mexican-themed joint is the closest thing to 24th Street you're gonna find in Truckee. But with face-numbingly generous Margaritas and eight-buck nachos—piled high with about several burritos-worth of fixings, Casa Baeza is a good place to hit up when looking to fill up with little dinero.

Fifty Fifty Brewing
11197 Brockway Road, #1
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 587.2337

Want a great excuse to drink seven glasses of beer at the same establishment without looking like a pile of garbage? The beer-lovers at Fifty Fifty have just the menu, with a variety of homemade brews that range from the light, Base Camp Golden Ale (4.9% ABV), all the way up—with regards to body and ABV—to the hearty Roundabout Oatmeal Stout (6.0%). Our favorites include the Trifecta Belgian Style Tripel (8.1%!) and especially the zesty Rockslide IPA (6.7%). You can drink Coors tall-can'til the ski-boarders come home, but why not get shnockered with some class? Fifty Fifty also serves up some fine pub fare, including pizzas, calzones, burgers, etc. Oh, Thursday's are karaoke night!

Bar of America
10042 Donner Pass Rd
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 587.3110

The location where the Bar of America now stands in downtown Truckee has housed a variety of establishments (stove and tin shop, bus station), yet it was the most previous occupant that the initial owners decided to honor in 1974 with their cutesy-named Bar of America. In writing this blurb, it's the Happy Hour (Monday-Thursday, 5 p.m.-7 p.m.) that's got us salivating, what with its half-off pizzas, salads and snacks, along with three-dollar pints of microbrews and well drinks. Lookin' for some World groove dance funk to shake the snow out our your boots? You're in luck; San Carlos native Zanzibar will be dishing up dance numbers Feb. 20-21.

Pastime Club
10096 Donner Pass Road
Truckee, CA 96160
(530) 582.9219

Okay, we'd be lying to you if we thought refined and well-designed establishments were the end-all-be-all of eating and drinking. And while there's little beyond peanuts to eat at the Pastime Club, it sure is a rowdy, good-natured local dive to let down one's proverbial hair with a couple heavily-poured shots and a smooth pint of Bud. A well-worn brass dancer's pole gets a lot of love, and you might, too, if you mind your manners and remember that the owners often tend the bar (and by "love," smart guy, we mean that dollar-per-drink tips might get you attentive service, sicko, when you belly up to buy one-too many roundsy for you and your fellow ski bums.

Tourist Club
10110 Donner Pass Road
Truckee, CA 96161
(530) 587.7775

Psyche! Tourist Club is a locals' dive, silly. That doesn't mean you shouldn't come here; in fact, you very much should if you like non-kitschy taxadermied moose heads and wall-mounted trout with your Maker's and Pabst. A word of caution, however, about drink-gun-happy bartenders: keep gratuitous make-out sessions to a minimum , and you shouldn't have a problem escaping this place with dry clothes.

Mikuni Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Great Bear Lodge
5101 Gondola Way (facing the skating rink)
Phone: (530) 562-2188

For some reason, sushi bars are fashionable in an '80s, Wayfarers and Topsiders sort of way. Mikuni is no exception. Sit at the bar for a lively chopping session, or sit at a booth and think about your own (pow) session.

Shopping at the Village at Northstar

Balance Holistic Health, Find Your Center
Northstar Resort
Great Bear Lodge
5113 Gondola Way
(530) 320.0191

A considerable chunk of skiers and snowboarders—especially those riding around chronic injuries—have come to appreciate pre- and post-session stretching, if not fully embracing yoga or tai chi altogether. Balance also offers acupuncture, K9 massage, and facials (we recommend the delicate pineapple and papaya enzyme peel). If you're so inclined to stretch out your bod, Balance is located right snug in the Northstar lodge, so after your morning red tea, slip on your yoga gear and swish-swish in your slippers for some quality time with numero uno.

Northstar Resort
Iron Horse North
3055 Copper Lane
(530) 562.3650

Butterbox, the Village at Northstar's one and only snowboard shop, is equipped to outfit every snowboarder who steps foot on the mountain. With a slew of legitimate brands, Butterbox is the place to talk shop, pick up a mag, or maybe replace that old beater you've been lugging around the past couple of seasons. Oh, added bonus: there will probably be a deejay there spinning records.

(530) 562.1005

Gloss is a fashion boutique delivering contemporary style to men and women. Inspired by the runway, much of the clothing to be found here is for those with a passion for fashion. Suitcase pop open outside a blustery airport? No worries. Snag your impromptu evening threads at the joint, which showcases a bunch of fancy respectable brands.

Lather & Fizz Bath Boutique
Great Bear Lodge
5112 Gondola Way (facing the skating rink)
(530) 562.1163

Lather & Fizz (great name, by the way) is one of those dreamy bath and body shops that offer handmade soap (sold by the pound), bath bombs (incoming!), and bubble baths. Want to set a mood? Pick up some soy candles, salt & sugar scrubs, body butters & facial creams. They also carry an amazing collection of Bedhead Pajamas—so cozy will Lather & Fizz make your hotel room, you might think twice about that early morning pow session.

Northstar Resort
Great Bear Lodge
5105 Gondola Way
(530) 562.1408

Aptly named, this store stocks shoes. It's very New York-y with its distinctive styles and Men, women, and children can find kicks for all occasions. Shoe also carries jewelry, handbags and clothing.

True North
Northstar Resort
Iron Horse South
4111 Gondola Way
(530) 562.3670

True North is for the skiers. This shop houses men's and women's top apparel brands, performance skis and boots, footwear, extensive eye wear, and accessories for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Inside this remarkably upscale shop, guests can sip wine or enjoy a hot cup of French press coffee from Grapes + Grounds, the wine and coffee bar that features a different wine purveyor each season. We're sold.