Dennis Enarson placed first in the BMX Dirt Semi-Finals with a score of 91.00 beating out Ryan Nyquist and Chris Doyle who placed second and third. Enarson’s winning run included a truck driver bar spin, a no hander tail whip over the long and low and a can-can to superman.

1. Dennis Enarson 91.00
2. Ryan Nyquist 89.88
3. Chris Doyle 89.25
4. Kyle Baldock 89.25
5. Ben Wallace 88.88
6. Anthony Napolitan 88.5
7. Cameron White 88.38
8. Colton Satterfield 88.00
9. Jaie Toohey 87.63

Click the link for full results from the BMX Dirt Semi-Finals

Dennis Enarson – 1st Place

Ryan Nyquist – 2nd Place

Chris Doyle – 3rd Place

Kyle Baldock – 4th Place

Ben Wallace – 5th Place

Anthony Napolitan – 6th Place

Cameron White – 7th Place

Colton Satterfield – 8th Place