On Saturday the famed Los Angeles riverbed and connecting tunnel (a frequent movie and TV commercial location) got a BMX makeover thanks to Nike. Legendary ramp builder Aaron Bostrom added some plywood creations, and Nike mixed in plenty of goodies to turn the night into one of the most fun jams of the year. Over 1,000 riders came out to ride with the Nike team, score some free food, get heckled by announcer Micah Kranz and come up on some great Nike swag.

Nike 6.0 riders Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester, and Chad Kerley were all in effect, and they spent their time riding and hanging with the crowd. There were plenty of other BMX pros in the crowd, but the jam was not about watching a pro-show. It was a chance for all the riders to hit some fun obstacles and kick it in a location they won’t soon forget. Check out all the photos courtesy of Mark Losey.

Chad Kerley, table

Kelly Bolton, flip-fakie

Garrett Reynolds, icepick-to-no-hander

Dylan Stark, barspin-flair

Nick Tarrant, lookback

Dylan Stark, nac-nac-boost

The Nike BMX Team