Nike 6.0, part of Nike's action sports division, is stepping up as the title sponsor for the Chicago stop of the Dew Tour. This is the first ever BMX-only event and aptly, we're calling it the Nike 6.0 BMX Open. I bet your next question is what's going down at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open? Answer is, all the good stuff that you'd expect, banging park action, a dirt comp and the vert event. Besides that, 6.0 is bringing a true street competition to the event and inviting top BMX street riders.

Peripheral to the actual BMX disciplines of Park, Vert, and Dirt that are judged solely on the riding, this contest is a half-video, half- jam competition between three yet-to-be announced BMX teams. Nike 6.0 rider Garrett Reynolds joins Van Homan and Sean Sexton [chosen because of their X Games 14 podium finishes] as team captains, will pick two teammates and a filmer, with whom they'll tear around Chicago, logging street footage between Dew Tour comps and sponsor obligations.

After filming their video parts, the riders will throw down in a June 26th jam session on the specifically-built, Dew Tour, Nike 6.0 BMX Open -created Street Course (not the Park Course, which features more boxes and transitions). The jam sesh will be judged in conjunction with each team's video. The Jam Session footage and the team videos will air on NBC the following day.

Stay tuned to find out which street riders will be invited by the captains to participate in the first ever 6.0 BMX Open Street Comp.