Vote For The Nike 6.0 Street Contest Standout Rider

As you know this year Nike 6.0 introduced a street course at Dew Tour. The top three riders from last year’s X Games street contest each picked two guys to be on their team and each team had a few hours to film a video part on the street course with a filmer of their choice. Vote here for your standout rider from the three videos and help that rider win an extra $1,000!

Nike 6.0 Dew Tour Street Contest Video – Team 1 – Sean Sexton, Aaron Ross, & Danny Hickerson

X Games street bronze medalist Sean Sexton didn't have to look far to find his riding partners for the weekend… All three riders live in Austin, Texas so all of them were used to riding in the heat and humidity that Chicago had waiting for them. Sean, Aaron, and Danny are pretty much machines on street and they had no problem bringing their insane tricks to the Nike 6.0 street setup.


Nike 6.0 Dew Tour Street Contest Video – Team 2 – Van Homan, Chase Dehart, & Randy Brown

X Games street silver medalist Van Homan selected fellow Northeast residents Chase Dehart and Randy Brown to share the Nike 6.0 street course with this week. With three very different styles, these guys look like they had an absolute blast riding together and all of them managed to dig into their deep bag of tricks and pull some wild moves.


Nike 6.0 Dew Tour Street Contest Video – Team 3 – Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, & JJ Palmere

Multiple X Games gold medalist Garrett Reynolds picked his good friends Dennis Enarson and JJ Palmere to ride with and it was obvious their friendship helped push each other. Just as we expected, each of these guys came through with huge moves and creative lines on the Nike 6.0 street course.