By Sam McGuire

I would like to say that Nick Dompierre has been killing it lately but, really, he’s always been killing it, he just might be out there a bit more as of late: switching to DC, insane cover of Transworld, and a full part in the upcoming Real video. This weekend, the New Bedford native will head nearby to Boston, to skate in his first Dew Tour.

I wanted to catch up with Nick for a conversation about New Bedford, contests and who's got a hot set of wheels—besides him, of course. But, I don't think he was all too terribly excited to do this interview—which was to be expected. A few of his teammates said that he was kind of quiet, to the point. Fair enough. Sometimes we expect our favorite skaters to have tons of things to say, when we might be forgetting that what we have come to know and love is their skating.

So we kept it quickfire style: ten basics about what’s going on with Nick Dompierre right now.

I'm sure he has plenty of things to talk about when the time is right. But if you don't, Nick, no worries. Just keep skating—it's speaking loud enough.

So Nick, lets start off with the basics: sponsors and hometown.
New Bedford, MA. 22 Years Old. Sponsored by Real, Spitfire, Thunder, DC Shoes, DC Apparel, Solstice Skateshop, No Problemo and Monster.

What have you been up to lately? Been working on any big projects?
Just skating and wrenching on my cars.

How's filming for the Real video been?
It's been cool, can't wait for the video to drop.

Got any good stories of Aaron Chilen (Real filmer) out on tour?
He's been killing it lately, not so much a pile anymore. Hah.

You recently switched from Adio to DC, how has everything been with DC?
It's been good. Well thanks to Jardin!

You have always lived in New Bedford, what keeps you there?
My friends, my cars, the track.

What’s up with this band Iron Mustache?
It's my friend's cover band. They rip, so sick!

What skaters are you hyped on right now and why?
Chris Cole. No explanation needed.

You’re skating the Dew Tour for the first time. What made you decide to skate the Dew Tour this year?
Yea, first time in the contest. I got asked to skate in it, so I’m down. I think it pretty sick.

Lastly, I’ve heard you’re big into cars. Being around Mikey Taylor and his cars, the question always gets brought up if he could beat you in a race. Any other skater you’d want to race? Who would win?
Yea it’s all I do. I’ll race anyone. I think i have enough horsepower to get to 1320 first, but we’ll see. Bring it! But I got to give props to Kalis! His Camaro is going to be sick!