With Finals in San Francisco for the first time and the competitions being held on some of the greatest courses in the tour’s history, Thursday was tailormade for a historic Free Flow Tour first. Having already collected some hardware with a win at the BMX Park finals back in August, Nick Bruce completed the season sweep by taking home the BMX Dirt championship and becoming the first rider to win multiple disciplines in the same season.

Nick came out swinging on his very first run, landing a triplewhip on the first jump and ending his run with a 360 doublewhip on the third and final set.

Nick Bruce grabbed the lead early and held on for victory

The run gave Nick the lead ahead of Sebastian Smith, who had thrown some gnarly tricks of his own just moments before on the TJ Lavin-designed course. Seb’s run consisted of a doublewhip, barspin and frontflip and would hold up for 2nd place over the duration of the contest.

One of the only riders opting to ride the left line of the course, Dylan Sheinberg stepped things up on Run 2, going with a superman seatgrab on the first jump and following it up with a downside tailwhip and a backflip barspin. The run landed him in 3rd and would hold up for a podium spot.

Left to right: Seb Smith (2nd), Nick Bruce (1st), Dylan Sheinberg (3rd)

Not content to just sit on his lead, Nick Bruce attempted to up the ante on his final two runs. Adding a tailwhip drop-in to his run, Nick Bruce fell on a flipwhip attempt on the last jump in his 2nd run, before finally pulling off the run he wanted on his 3rd and final attempt. His combination that included a tailwhip drop-in, triplewhip and flipwhip was not enough to top his first run score, but it gave him the two highest scores of the entire contest and solidifed his place atop the final podium.

After the contest, Nick explained how stoked he was on landing both the triple tailwhip and flipwhip in his final run. “I’ve been working on those a lot lately,” he said. “I’ve been struggling with them in the past, but I finally got one.”

BMX Dirt Results

1. Nick Bruce, 89.00
2. Sebastian Smith, 87.00
3. Dylan Sheinberg, 85.50
4. Michael Varga, 84.75
5. Ty Callais, 81.00
6. Brandon Smeltzer, 80.25
7. Wesley Hark, 75.00

Sebastian Smith

Dylan Sheinberg