Windy conditions at times put a crimp into the BMX dirt finals at the Toyota Challenge, but the riders just waited for the gusts to die down, and the SLC course was fertile ground for new tricks and competition firsts.

Brandon Dosch waited for the wind to die down before dropping in on his final run, and when the time came he sent the first decade air to 360 on dirt, following in the footsteps of park rider Mark Webb.

"I tried a couple of them for a long time and I kept landing kind of how Dosch did in the dirt, really landing on the back wheel," Webb said. "Then I worked it just to get the front end to come down on the 360, and a new trick got done. I was stoked because I invented a trick, almost, you know."

For Dosch, it was his first time throwing the trick at an event and now he's inspired.

"I've never tried it in a dirt competition, but I'll get it in Vegas," Dosch said.

Brandon Dosch, 360 lookback

The trick boosted his score and he finished in second place, behind event winner Dennis Enarson. Enarson had the lead going into his final run, and he further distanced himself from the competition after throwing down a flip whip, a barspin to tuck no-hander over the hip, and ending with an opposite double tailwhip.

The podium (l-r) – Brandon Dosch, 2nd; Dennis Enarson, 1st; Brett Banasiewicz, 3rd

"Even with the wind, everybody was riding amazing," Enarson said. "All the Dew Tour people were really cool with it and said it was up to us on when to go. That was really cool giving us the option to decide what we want to do. And it should be up to the riders."

He won in true Enarson style, and as Dosch put it, "I don't think he really cared if he won or not today, he was just out there having fun. And that's what a true BMX rider is, so cheers to Dennis. He deserved it."

TJ Ellis, 360 double tailwhip

This was the first Dew Tour dirt win for Enarson since Orlando in 2008, and he followed it up with a park win the next day.

"It's cool," he said after the dirt competition. "I've been on the podium a little bit, bit I haven't been back on top since a couple years. It's sweet to be back up there."

Rounding out the podium in third was the new face on the dirt scene, 15-year-old Brett Banasiewicz, who's leading the overall standings right now. He pulled out a new trick to take the win last month after unveiling his cashroll, and he was trying to one-up the trick in Salt Lake, but wasn't so lucky.

"I was going to do a cashroll no-hander on the last jump of my second run, and I just landed flat on the jump before so I didn't get to do it, but I saved it with a frontflip," Banasiewicz said. "Then in the next run, I went to do the same thing, and I went too fast, believe it or not. I just went high and not far at all, cased, and fell off." 

Brett Banasiewicz, double tailwhip  

He's got a 30-point lead over Dosch, who's second overall, and it's leaving him in a pretty solid place heading into the finals next month.

"I'm trying to stay on my bike as much as I can," Banasiewicz said. "I didn't really complete that here, but hopefully Vegas I'll be able to ride and maybe get the Cup." 

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