By: Matt Coplon – Tonight's final event was bmx best trick brought to you by Ride Bmx and Dan's Competition. 10 riders were hand picked by the sponsors to attend and…

Here's the scene—a plywood runway down a double set of stairs projecting riders almost immediately into a 6ft clay lip and over a 15ft gap. The time frame—half an hour jam style format. The prize–$1,000 in cash split up throughout the event for innovative moves. And $5,000 for best trick overall.

Here is what went down…Luke Parslow started off things pretty quick with a double back flip pulled C.L.E.A.N. He was also able to swing a one-handed x-up back flip to turn down. His big mystery trick however was kept a secret–Parslow kept trying multiple double back flips setting up for something more. But what was to be thrown in there somewhere we will never know?

Who doesn't love some Corey Nastazio? Nasty was whipping around numerous 360 back flips in practice. With plenty of those under his belt, he set himself up for said trick with a turn down thrown in for good measure. Best trick? No, just pocket change for now.

TJ Ellis couldn't get enough of dirt. Less than an hour after placing 2nd in tonight's dirt finals, Ellis was ready to throw down some wild moves. After crashing on an attempted 360 triple whip, Ellis successfully pulled a one-footed x-up front flip and a no handed double back flip. But to seal the deal, Ellis dug into his bag-o-tricks with a tuck no-handed flip to late tail whip. Dialed. Amazing to say the least.

Anthony Napolitan pulled some pretty intense stuff early on– a 360 triple whip as well as a back flip double whip. But with just minutes left in the half hour jam, Napolitan gave it one last go and pulled a 360 barspin catch barspin to late tail whip. With pretty much no time left, Napolitan knocked Ellis out of the $5,000 1st place purse.

Time out? Yes. But one last song was granted to TJ Ellis in order to swing a last minute variation. The crowd was going pretty wild at this point which gave Ellis just enough motivation to pull the first Back flip wind shield wiper (Back flip whip to whip back). Everyone went nuts, history was written, but rules are rules. Time was out and Napolitan walked away with the win.

Once again, thanks to Ride Bmx and Dan's competition for making this happen. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the first ever Dew Tour Bmx best trick. And thanks to those 10 riders for putting on a serious show.


Cranmer Bail

Bike Hike

Cramner No Hand Front Flip

Napolitan Double Whip Flip

Napolitan Superman Seatgrab Indianair 360

Gerber Turndown Flip

Josh Hult double down whip 360

Guettler Super-flip

Nastazio Turndown Front Flip

TJ Ellis No Foot Can Flip

Nyquist 720 1 hand x up

Parslow flip whip

Scotty Cranmer no hand front flip