My Five is an Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to snowboarders Shaun White, Elena Hight, Sage Kotsenburg, Kimmy Fasani and Scotty Pike.

Question 1: What’s something you’re proud of?

Shaun White: I'm proud of my parents because they are pretty amazing people to let me do all of this stuff.

Elena Hight: Being a two-time Olympian

Sage Kotsenburg: My pythons

Kimmy Fasani: Riding for DC

Scotty Pike: My little brother


Question 2: What’s something you would never eat?

Shaun White: I eat everything, basically. I ate cow tongue tacos just yesterday. They were on sale.

Elena Hight: Those big giant quail eggs, the kind they use in sushi.

Sage Kotsenburg: Sushi

Kimmy Fasani: McDonald's

Scotty Pike: Eggs!


Question 3: What’s your favorite video game?

Shaun White: My game, c'mon!

Elena Hight: I don't play many video games but when I was growing up I used to play Mario Kart on Nintendo 64.

Sage Kotsenburg: Easy one…Modern Warfare 2

Kimmy Fasani: I don’t play any video games… Scrabble is the next best thing.

Scotty Pike: Call of Duty


Question 4: For pipe rider: What’s your go to trick in the park?/For slope rider: What’s your go to trick in the pipe?

Shaun White (pipe rider): I just like to air.

Elena Hight (pipe rider): Back 3's

Sage Kotsenburg (slope rider): Back flip out of the pipe…

Kimmy Fasani (slope rider): Frontside 360.

Scotty Pike (pipe rider): Switch rodeo 9


Question 5: Photo shoot or video shoot?

Shaun White: Video

Elena Hight: Photo shoot

Sage Kotsenburg: Video cause you can get steezy tricks or huck and they both look good.

Kimmy Fasani: Video. Standard Girls crew in Alaska April 2010.

Scotty Pike: Video


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