My Five is a new Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to snowboarders Steve Fisher, Kelly Marren, Nick Poohachoff, Spencer O’Brien and Brandon Reis.

Question 1: What trick can't you do?

Steve Fisher: There's a lot of stuff that I don't do, but as far as something I can't do – I can't do a traditional McTwist. I have done a switch McTwist, but they're like apples and oranges.

Kelly Marren: Double cork 1260

Nick Poohachoff: Back Rodeos; Just doesn't work for me! 

Spencer O’Brien: There's a lot, but one that I want to do that I can't is switch back 7.

Brandon Reis: Double front flip 


Question 2: If you had a time machine, what year would you go back to? Why?

Steve Fisher: The year I was born, 1982, just so I can see what the early 80's were like and actually be able to remember them.

Kelly Marren: 1969: rebellious youth, great hair and outfits, picketing in the streets, civil rights movement making strides, moon landings, Woodstock-What's not to like!

Nick Poohachoff: If I had a time machine I probably wouldn't go back in time. I would use it to go to the future and see what I'm doing at like 50 then just go back to the present cause life's all about livin' in the moment! 

Spencer O’Brien: 1954 because I think the 50s were a pretty solid time.

Brandon Reis: I don't know exactly what year it was, but the first year of X Games, because you could win just by doing straight airs. 


Question 3: What non-snowboard magazine do you read?

Steve Fisher: Well, I don't really read a lot of magazines since I'm more of a book guy. But if I was in the airport and picked up a magazine, it would probably be Men's Health or Outside. Or the occasional Newsweek so people think I'm smart.

Kelly Marren: Time

Nick Poohachoff: The Skateboard Mag! Best mag out! 

Spencer O’Brien: Nylon and W Magazine

Brandon Reis: Playboy 


Question 4: Who's the craziest pro you know?

Steve Fisher: Scotty Lago, I think you know why.

Kelly Marren: Madeline Schaffrick and Kaitlyn Farrington

Nick Poohachoff: Will Jackways cause he's got the sickest style, kills every thing and keeps it real! 

Spencer O’Brien: Kelly Clark

Brandon Reis: Scotty Lago; I travel a lot with him, and he just does some crazy stuff. 


Question 5: Shaun White or Danny Kass?

Steve Fisher: Neither. Everyone.

Kelly Marren: Queralt Castellet

Nick Poohachoff: Danny Kass, duh!

Spencer O’Brien: Danny Kass, I love to watch that guy snowboard.

Brandon Reis: Danny Kass


Come back next week for the My Five with wakeboarders J.D. Webb, Aaron Rathy, Shaun Murray, Bob Soven and Collin Harrington.