My Five is a new Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to skaters Timmy Knuth, Robert Lopez Mont, Danny Fuenzalida, Andy Macdonald and Ryan Decenzo. 

Question 1: What company would be your dream sponsor?

Timmy Knuth: McDonald’s 

Robert Lopez Mont:  Hanes underwear. I break those a lot. 

Danny Fuenzalida: Palta Hass avocados 

Andy Macdonald:  Apple. Come on dude, Andy MAC. 

Ryan Decenzo: Chipotle or Baja Fresh  


Question 2: What traumatized you as kid?

Timmy Knuth: Skateboarding, and how much fun you can have riding one. 

Robert Lopez Mont: Hurricane Georges in 1998

Danny Fuenzalida: I ollied Lincoln and my board exploded. That used to never happen to me. Also I knocked myself out at Quimby trying a kickflip backside lip slide, and when I could see, Appleyard started to try and then landed the same trick. Do it now or it’s too late. Mark Appleyard is sick with it. 

Andy Macdonald: Instead of chocolate in my Easter basket I got carob, which is like this natural "healthy" chocolate substitute.

Ryan Decenzo: School and homework


Question 3: Who would you consider your nemesis?

Timmy Knuth: No one 

Robert Lopez Mont: Chris Cole 

Danny Fuenzalida: Unlanded tricks

Andy Macdonald: The 720 

Ryan Decenzo: Dyet or Scott, roommates. Ha ha. 


Question 4: What car would you never want to be seen driving?

Timmy Knuth: PT Cruiser 

Robert Lopez Mont: Volkswagen

Danny Fuenzalida: Hummer H2 

Andy Macdonald: Hummer

Ryan Decenzo:  A red Mazda Miata


Question 5: Hawk or Hosoi?

Timmy Knuth: Hawk

Robert Lopez Mont: Hawk

Danny Fuenzalida: Hawk 

Andy Macdonald: Hawk

Ryan Decenzo: Going with Hosoi, cool ass dude right there.


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