My Five is a new Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to skaters Chad Bartie, Renton Millar, Greg Lutzka, Dave Bachinsky and Mike Peterson.

Question 1: What trick can't you do?

Chad Bartie: Hard flips, because they're… hard.

Renton Millar: Frontside gay twist. But I almost learned it the other day. If I get that, I'd say f/s inverts are a challenge, and also inward heelflips. 

Greg Lutzka: This is a weird question. There are so many tricks I can't do, it's way too many to name. I think the real question is what tricks can you do? I think there's more I can't do than I can do.

Dave Bachinsky: Switch 360 flips. I’ve done one but it was sooo hard. 

Mike Peterson: Any flip trick.


Question 2: If you had a time machine, what year would you go back to? Why?

Chad Bartie: 1985. First year I stood on a skateboard. So fun and new.

Renton Millar: 1988. The colors were rad, and so was the music. Come to think of it skateboarding ruled that year too! 

Greg Lutzka: I would go back to the 70s! Bright colors and rock 'n roll!! Living the life like "That 70s Show!"

Dave Bachinsky: I would have to say [being born in] 1976 would be amazing, just because Powell Peralta's "Ban This" came out in 1989 and to be a teenager in that time period would be sooo fun. 

Mike Peterson: The 70s. They seem cool.


Question 3: What non-skate magazine do you read?

Chad Bartie: National Geographic is tight.

Renton Millar: I don't read too many mags. Maybe some chick mag my wife bought, but only when I'm bored on the lav! 

Greg Lutzka: Maxim magazine and random books I read once in a while when I have time. 

Dave Bachinsky: Dwell Magazine. I’m really into small modern concept designs. 

Mike Peterson: Motorcross or Golf.


Question 4: Who's the craziest pro you know?

Chad Bartie: They all are!

Renton Millar: Craziest pro I know? That's a hard one because the real crazy ones are the ones you never expect. I wouldn't want to mention any names in case I tip them over the edge! 

Greg Lutzka: Adam Dyet. Half man, half horse! 

Dave Bachinsky: Tyler Hendley. He gets buck!

Mike Peterson: Kyle Berard


Question 5: Muska or Penny?

Chad Bartie: Penska.

Renton Millar: Penny. So good! I heard he flipped a pyramid in a comp back in the day and yawned in the air! 

Greg Lutzka: Penny in the 90s and Muska nowadays. 

Dave Bachinsky: Muska is the sickest!

Mike Peterson: Penny.


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