My Five is an Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to freeskiers Jossi Wells, Bobby Brown, Kevin Rolland, Sean Jordan and Philip Casabon.

Question 1: What trick can't you do?

Jossi Wells: Right side rodeo 7.

Bobby Brown: Many… I need to learn more and more and more. This summer…

Kevin Rolland: The impossible trick…

Sean Jordan: I can’t do right cork 7 left hand blunt. Every time I reach out my left hand for the grab my body just stops. Never works out well, haha.

Philip Casabon: Flips


Question 2: If you had a time machine, what year would you go back to? Why? 

Jossi Wells: I would go back to the ‘Dog Town Z-Boys’ days, when skateboarding was just being invented. I would do an ollie, sig back and watch everyone freak out. Haha.

Bobby Brown: When the dinosaurs roamed the earth. I would camp out and check all the T-Rexes out.

Kevin Rolland: I want to see the future and not go back in time

Sean Jordan: I would go back to the year 1994 so I could go to some Biggie and Tupac shows in their prime.

Philip Casabon: 1996, because it was before freestyle skiing blew up and also one of hip-hop’s best years


Question 3: What non-ski magazine do you read? 

Jossi Wells: Vice

Bobby Brown: Sport Illustrated… for Kids

Kevin Rolland: Snowboard Magazine

Sean Jordan: I like to read the Dupont Registry. It's basically a magazine of the THE nicest cars out. What can't you like about that?

Philip Casabon: None


Question 4: Who's the craziest pro you know? 

Jossi Wells: Mike Wilson

Bobby Brown: Mike Wilson… INSANE. He will do anything.

Kevin Rolland: Colby West

Sean Jordan: The craziest pro I know is definitely Mike Wilson. He is always sending it really, really big… really big.

Philip Casabon: JF Houle


Question 5: Simon Dumont or Tanner Hall?

Jossi Wells: It’s impossible to compare them. Tanner is the most hard working and talented skier to ever come out of the game. His success is pure evidence of that and no one can be compared to him. Simon, on the other hand, is the most fierce competitor in the game and will do whatever he can to win.

Bobby Brown: Tough one… both are amazing at everything they do. I can't choose…

Kevin Rolland: Tanner Hall

Sean Jordan: T no doubt.

Philip Casabon: Tanner Hall

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Tanner hall