My Five is an Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to freeskiers Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, Tucker Perkins, JF Houle and Jen Hudak.

Question 1: What trick were you trying the last time you had to go the hospital?

Simon Dumont: I don't know if I've ever really tried a trick and had to go to the hospital. I don't think so.

Sammy Carlson: It's been so long since I went to the hospital… I guess a back flip off the rail when I was 12.

Tucker Perkins: I was getting towed into a rail by an ATV and the rope got caught around my leg and drove me directly into the rail at 20 mph neck first.

JF Houle: I broke my foot while doing a wallride on a skateboard early this season.

Jen Hudak: Dropping a 25-foot cliff – knee to FACE!


Question 2: Who's your favorite dead celebrity?

Simon Dumont: Wilt Chamberlain.

Sammy Carlson: Chris Farley

Tucker Perkins: Chris Farley

JF Houle: Michael Jackson… Of course!

Jen Hudak: Howard Hughes.


Question 3: What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

Simon Dumont: Skiing

Sammy Carlson: Tupac

Tucker Perkins: Cube Steak and Ken's Italian dressing

JF Houle: My money

Jen Hudak: My iPhone!


Question 4: Who do people say you look like?

Simon Dumont: I've heard Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and I've unfortunately heard Zac Efron. And I've seen on a ski website even the little kid, Justin Bieber. All kind of embarrassing.

Sammy Carlson: A monster! Naw, I don't know (asks someone in the background) – a hobbit?

Tucker Perkins: Japanese Anime characters

JF Houle: Don Johnson

Jen Hudak: No one really… my dad?!


Question 5: Hotel or campground?

Simon Dumont: Campground

Sammy Carlson: Campground

Tucker Perkins: Winnebago

JF Houle: Campground

Jen Hudak: Depends on time of year, but I'm looking forward to camping a lot during the summer!


Check back for the My Five with freeskiers Justin Dorey, Andreas Hatveit, Matt Duhamel, Duncan Adams and TJ Schiller.