My Five is a new Alli feature where we ask the same five questions to five different athletes and compile all the crazy answers for your reading pleasure. For this installment, we talked to BMXers Austin Coleman, Cam White, Ryan Nyquist, Marcus Tooker and Coco Zurita.

Question 1: What trick can't you do?

Austin Coleman: California Surfer. I’m from California and it always seemed like the proper trick to learn but it's just never worked out. Maybe I just didn’t want it bad enough…2010, gotta make it happen

Cameron White: A lot of ’em.

Ryan Nyquist: There are quite a few, but the one trick that a lot of pros can do that I can’t is a double tailwhip.

Marcus Tooker: Turndowns.  I want to do them, but they just don't work.

Francisco Zurita: I can't do 540s in a halfpipe


Question 2: If you had a time machine, what year would you go back to? Why?

Austin Coleman: I’d only go forward.  I love progress and technology, the past would drive me crazy. And if there ARE flying cars in the future, does that mean we all have to get pilot licenses?

Cameron White: 1999, I dunno why…I just liked that year for some reason.

Ryan Nyquist: Hmmmm…I might travel back to my high school years, and be able to see how things really were. I always thought it would be cool to be in high school again, but with the knowledge and wisdom that I have now. Just to see if that would have made things any different.

Marcus Tooker: Probably 1999. All my favorite riders were kind of at their prime around that time.  It would be fun to go see them in person. I think I'd try and be in the background in an old Road Fools or something.

Francisco Zurita: I would probably go back to 2000, just so I could have left Chile a couple of years earlier than what I did, that way I could have started riding bikes as a pro a few years before.


Question 3: What non-BMX magazine do you read?

Austin Coleman: Wallpaper Magazine. Best ever. I love real estate, design, and cool gadgets and this blends them all together. It’s like the magazine was published just for me. Thanks Wallpaper.  

Cameron White: Fishing in Western Australia

Ryan Nyquist: Popular Mechanics

Marcus Tooker: Astronomy Magazine. I'm kind of an astronomy nerd.

Francisco Zurita: Photography and car magazines


Question 4: Who's the craziest pro you know?

Austin Coleman: This guy we call Leg. He tattooed the word “Arm” on his leg and “Leg” on his arm. Blows my mind every time.

Cameron White: Dane Searls… if you watched him ride my yard, he would be crazy to you too.

Ryan Nyquist: Dennis Enarson. He’s all over the place and doesn’t seem to have any kind of rev limiter installed in his brain. He’s full throttle with anything he does.

Marcus Tooker: Cory Nastazio. He's nuts. Crazy on a bike and crazy in person. I don't ever stop laughing when he's around.

Francisco Zurita: Nasty is the craziest one for sure, such a unique personality, so fun to ride with, funny funny. I love that dude. Haha. He comes out with the craziest things


Question 5: Nasty or Aitken?

Austin Coleman: Bestwick

Cameron White: Dave Mirra

Ryan Nyquist: Nasty. He’s pure comedy, and always makes me smile. Aitken is still pretty kick ass though.

Marcus Tooker: Impossible to choose. I don't even know how to begin to pick one. Both of them are legends, and favorites of mine for sure.

Francisco Zurita: Aitken


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