Weeks of snowmaking and a solid day of snowfall allowed the park crew at Carinthia to power 125 hours of pipe prep to open the east coast's first superpipe of the season today at 10am.

The pipe is over 400 feet long and currently only has 16 foot walls. It will be open to the public through the Martin Luther King holiday and then will be shut down and built larger for the last stop of the Winter Dew Tour, The Toyota Championships, February 4-7, 2010.

Mount Snow Superepipe Overview

“The process of building a pipe usually takes over a month from start to finish. We were able to make it happen in less time this year with constant snowmaking and long hours of overnight building. In the end its well worth it, now we move to Mineshaft and Inferno” said Ken Gaitor, terrain parks manager.

Carinthia currently has over 55 features on more than 67 acres of trails, by far the east coasts leader in freestyle terrain. The opening of the superpipe this early further cements Mount Snow’s dominance of freestyle terrain in the east.

Mount Snow Superpipe