The second finals of the Dew Tour 2009 season continued a trend that started with Dirt: different names on the podium. Yesterday it was Josh Hult and Brandon Dosch landing 1-2, while today it was Marcus Tooker that took the surprise third.
It was a wild comp that saw some usually consistent names (Daniel Dhers and Mike Spinner), having slight problems with runs, while riders like Dosch and Steven McCann were at the top after the first run.

Garrett Reynolds, fresh off the Specialty Street Comp, manhandled the Park course in his second run, earning a 92.63 and second place. But, the man of the day was Dave Mirra. He started the day with a rough practice, and for a brief moment, wasn’t sure if he could ride. But, when it came down to it, he did, and landed a huge first run that earned an un-toppable 93.38.

Competition highlights from Flip

Reynolds and Tooker came on hard but Mirra was the man today. If Dave stays on the pace he was on all weekend he’ll be a tough man to catch.

Dennis Enarson was a busy man this weekend. Making finals in both park and dirt is a tough task. Here is just one of many double whips over the spine.

Reynolds is a ball of energy on and off his bike. He may have every barspin variation dialed. Truck over the spine.

Life of an 18 year old rockstar.

Many of the guys need to get “in the zone” for their run, Garrett just goes out and has a good time: thumbs up for the crowd mid run!

Marcus Tooker is a sleeper—at anytime he can come from behind and end up in the top three. Marcus is always dangerous to the rest of the pack. Today, tricks like 720’s backwards over the box and bike varials sealed his third place finish.

Mark Webb proved to everybody that he can perform under pressure. No one can match the style of his 360 inverts over the spine. 6th place is not bad for his first Dew Tour.

Spinner came out swinging but some bike problems caused him to end both runs early. This is mid triple whip.

Morgan Wade rolled the dice and tried the flair the gag from the sub quarter to the vert wall. It didn’t work out this time, and he ended up in 11th today, but never count Morgan out.

Nyquist may have ended in 8th today, but he is always so much fun to watch. He probably does the coolest lazy tobbogan 360’s in the business.

Stevie McCann brings his Vert skills to the Park course: 540 whips out of the 10′

Brandon Dosch placed second in Dirt yesterday and came into the park comp today with confidence. After a crash in practice, though, he ended up with bruised ribs. But, he still managed to pull out two runs in the 90’s for fifth place.

Craig also had some bike issues that kept him from getting through both runs how he wanted. Tricks like front flip flairs and triple whips still scored him into the 7th place spot.

The current Dew Cup Champ Daniel Dhers just wasn’t feeling it today and ended his day with a 9th place finish. But, even on an off day he still managed to fire out 720 variations that no one else is doing yet. He’ll be ready at the next stop for sure.

Dave Mirra was dialed! Talk about starting his year off right. At one point in one of his runs Dave slid out and even made that look cool. This trick he calls the “air traffic controller” (no handed 360 back flip) just doesn’t even seem possible.

The most respected man in BMX and the man of the day for sure. Congrats Dave!