The 2009 Dew Tour officially kicked off with a packed BMX Park Prelims. 32 riders battled it out for top nine and a chance for some national TV time during the Finals. It was a great contest with some big names stepping up, and some quality riding from the younger set. Mirra killed it, ending up as the top rider going into Finals. The theme of the day, though, was to stay busy. Dennis Enarson and Garrett Reynolds balanced the Street Specialty Comp with second and fourth place finishes, respectively, in Park Prelims, while Enarson and Brandon Dosch also balanced Dirt. McCann also snuck through in the last spot, meaning he’s set for a packed Saturday. Tune into NBC at 2 pm EST for the Park Finals.

Flip’s highlights from the Park Prelims.

Lets be honest..Dave didn’t have his best year last year but after taking the top spot in Prelims he’s sendiing a message to everybody to watch out. His fast lines and HUGE flairwhips even made the lady sitting behind me say WTF.

Garrett is very well know for his Street riding but there are some out there that have no idea how good he is on a Park course. This 360 Turndown goes to show that he’s not just barspins.

Craig is always a ball of energy and rides as fast as the heavy metal music he rides to. Mix that with jawdroping tricks and Craig is always a crowd favorite.

Morgan has more fun riding his bike than probably anybody, and I have a lot of fun watching him ride it. Somehow this is a 360 whip with Superman-ish legs thrown in.

Is this a Mccann can flair??? If you don’t think that’s a funny name for it, then I feel for you. You’ll see Stevie in the finals tomorrow.

Rob Darden with what was probably one of the most stylish tricks done today. Brian Foster would be proud.

Brett (Maddog) is only 14, but he been riding for like 13 of those years so he knows what he’s doing. He has a very bright future in BMX

After a crash some guys may be a little upset or bummed out. Drew Bezanson shakes it off and has some fun. Kinda strange how this trick is cool in FMX, and yet not so much in BMX.

Dave Dillweward with a pretty (does that sound not tough enough?) 360 table over the box. After having last year off due to a broken wrist, Dave is fully back.

I really have nothing cool or witty to say about josh other than he’s a super nice guy that knows what he’s doing on that little kid bike. Whip drop in off the big sub.

Harry Main can do some of the most unheard of tech tricks but when he does go big he makes it count Look back and 360 INVERT over the spine. I could watch him do those all day long.

Anthony Napolitan may not have made it into the finals but new tricks like this Indian Air seatgrab 360 will be helping him at the next stop for sure.