It was Miller Time as usual during the Alli Rideshop Legends Jam and fast lines, smooth grinds around the corner and massive airs gave Chris Miller the top spot. The bowl jam was intense with the legends of skateboard history sharing the deck during the Dew Tour’s Portland Invitational. While every guy showed smooth style and signature moves that have kept them influencing the sport for decades, it was Steve Caballero in second and Lance Mountain in third when the contest wrapped up.

Chris Miller – 1st Place

Steve Caballero – 2nd Place

Steve Caballero – 2nd Place

Lance Mountain – 3rd Place

Tony Magnusson – 4th Place

Duane Peters – 5th Place

Steve Alba – 6th Place

Pat Ngoho – 7th Place

Wally Inouye – 8th Place

Steve and Lance