By Matty B

Right after the Men’s Freeski Superpipe Preliminary came to an end, all the competitors headed over to the Slopestyle course to get comfortable with the course before today’s Preliminary. Some highlights include Tom Wallisch’s rodeos off the up-rail and Nick Martini’s huge switch 1080s off the last jumps. All the men fighting for the overall Dew Cup, including Bobby Brown and PK Hunder, were throwing down in preparation for Saturday’s Final. Check back soon to see who makes through today’s Ski Slope Prelim.

Alexis Godbout – Zero Spin True Tail

Bobby Brown – Cork 900 Mute

Gus Kenworthy – Cork 720 Blunt

Henrik Harlaut – Blind 270 out

Matt Walker – Rodeo 900 Mute

Phil Casabon – Cork 540 Blunt

Sean Jordan – 540 Blunt

Tanner Rainville – Reverse Tail

Tom Wallisch – Cork 900 Mute