RAIN! Men’s and Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe Finals competitors and fans alike woke up in Tahoe to the same pitter-patter on their windows, and everyone planning on watching (or competing in), must have been like, hrrmph! By mid-afternoon, however, a solid crowd had gathered at the base of the pipe to cheer on their favorite riders.

Garbage sack jackets were the most popular accessory of the day. To have one was like being a very very rich wiseman or something. Trust me, though. Everyone wanted one very badly.

Little man, hey. We love your t-shirt, of course, but why the heck aren’t you wearing a jacket? It’s “slaining” [slain=sleet+rain]!

JJ Thomas gets a ride to the top before his first run. At days end, he walked home with fifth place.

This family didn't seem to mind the rain. Dude didn't take his eyes off the pipe, even when his mom told him to smile for the camera.

Spencer O'Brien (right) and Brin Valaira hung out in the rain with the rest of us to support their snowboarder friends.

This photo shows exactly how wet it was at the base of the pipe. This guys one of the lucky ones: this could be a gore-tex commercial. My puffy, however, was not so awesome at repelling rain.

Tricia Byrnes getting soaked with the rest of us.

This guy said he was "fine" in his soaking-wet cotton hoodie and his shorts with boat shoes. We call bullshit.

Lizzy Beerman hung out after Womens Pipe Finals to check out the Men’s comp.

Soaking wet and still looking good.

Can't tell if this girl is smiling or scouling, but she seemed content standing just beyond the crowd, checking out the comp in solitude.

Heather was all smiles in her garbage sack poncho. Goes to show: it’s not the situation, it’s the attitude.