BMX hit the MegaRamp in Brazil for the first time this past weekend and the crowds were ecstatic. Colton Satterfield rode away with the best score for the combo gap and quarter pipe contest, but the weekend also included an overall award to keep the tricks coming on every obstacle. Douglas Leite topped the overall podium with the contests highest air at 21 feet. Morgan Wade stepped up to take second place in the combo event, while Kevin Robinson took second place in the overall event with a no handed flair. Chad Kagy made his way into the third place spot on both BMX podiums tricks like his double backflip over the gap. Check out all the photos below to see what the action looked like in Brazil, and like the MegaRamp Facebook page to stay up on all the action all year long.

Colton Satterfield

Douglas Leite

Chad Kagy

Morgan Wade

Kevin Robinson

Best Combo winners

Overall Best Trick winners