Md Native Bucky Lasek Leads Bowl Semifinals

Under blazing skies, Baltimore native Bucky Lasek turned up the heat in the last round to take the top spot in the skate bowl semifinal. In an afternoon of stacked competition from legend Steve Caballero to Omar Hassan and Pedro Barros, Lasek grabbed the number one seed with an 85.50. His smooth style was evident with his back-to-back McTwist combos and air to fakie les twist on the hardest hip of the bowl. Lasek will hit the concrete again in Saturday’s Skate Bowl Finals, overlooking the beach at 6:30 p.m. Check out the skate bowl live webcast from 6:30-7:30 p.m. right here.
1. Bucky Lasek - 85.50
2. Ben Hatchell - 84.00
3. Nolan Munroe - 81.75
4. Pedro Barros - 81.25
5. Andy Macdonald - 80.50
6. Kevin Kowalski - 79.75
7. Benjamin Galloway - 79.25
8. Rune Glifberg - 79.00
9. Omar Hassan - 78.75
10. Ben Raybourn - 77.50

Click the link for the full Bowl Semifinal results.

Bucky Lasek – 1st Place

Ben Hatchell – 2nd Place

Nolan Munroe – 3rd Place

Pedro Barros – 4th place

Andy Macdonald – 5th Place

Kevin Kowalski – 6th Place

Benji Galloway = 7th Place

Rune Glifberg – 8th Place

Omar Hassan – 9th Place

Ben Raybourn – 10th Place


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