Maryland and for the second year running BMX Flatland took to the main stage to put on a show of precision and flare!


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The format for the flatland consisted of three rounds with six riders going through the first round to decide the seeding for the remaining rounds – the first round allowed each rider a two and half minute run. For the second round the 4th and 3rd ranked riders will go head-to-head, as will the 5th and 2nd and the 6th and 1st ranked riders with each rider was allowed three, 60-second runs. For the third and final run the winning three riders from round two will compete in another set of three, 60-second runs. 

Mattais Dandois putting on a show

Following the first round for seeding it was Matthais Dandois in the top spot with Yohei "Ucchie" Uchino right behind him in second and Terry Adams rounding off the top three. Fast-forward to the end of the second round and we had the same three in the same positions looking at each other ready to go into the three-way final!

Yohei "Ucchie" Uchino

With tensions rising through each of the three heats of the final round, we saw in that Adams held on to that third spot and sure enough Dandois held on to the top leaving Ucchie in second for his first Dew Tour appearance. Congratulations to Dandois on returning to the sand and reclaiming his flatland title!

Dandois has always been a huge supporter of the flatland community and said, "We are back in the mix at Dew Tour and it feels good to be  a part of the BMX family." Then commentated on the venue saying, "There are girls in bikinis on the beach and I have my friends on stage so I couldn't ask for more, this contest is so good." 

Dandois' trick list included a megaspin bar-to-bar, a double boomerang, and a steamroller barspin to tea kettle. When asked if Dandois had completed all the tricks planned he reflected, "I didn't really have anything planned, I just tried to freestyle with the tricks that I know I can do. I pulled the tricks I wanted to do in the finals and after that it was up to the judges. 

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Flatland Podium from left to right: Yohei “Ucchie” Uchino, second, Matthais Dandois, first, Terry Adams, thrid. 


1st Place – Matthais Dandois

2nd Place – Yohei "Ucchie" Uchino

3rd Place – Terry Adams