With the introduction of the BMX Flatground battle scenario came a new feeling of excitement as the crowd gathered to see who would rise to the occasion and take it all.

For the first time in Dew Tour history Flatland BMX made an appearance in the form a battle and the four invited riders really put on an amazing show. The clouds rolled in and the rain started to fall but that didn't stop the crowd from filling up in front of center stage to watch the action go down. The format worked like this. Four riders had individual runs and then from there they were broken up into sets of two for the battles. The first set of two battled each other and the winners from each then went on to the final battle.  

In the final round Matthias Dandios went up against Terry Adams in an all-out throwdown for the top spot. Terry rode solid with some bunnyhop tailwhips and crazy combos that only he can do, which really put the pressure on. Unfortunately for him, Matthias rides incredibly well under pressure and went out there to do his thing in the final run.  is known for his smooth, flowing style and rode the only way he knows how and put on an amazing show for the crowd. He ended up impressing the judges enough to take the top spot and was simply stoked to be here. "Flatland is a part of the BMX family and it was great to be with everyone and hang out here at the Dew Tour," said Matthias.

With this being the first time Flatland has been in the Dew Tour the crowd response alone goes to show that this was a long time coming. Everyone was amazed at the progressive riding that went down and as Terry said, "We wanted to ride well but we also wanted to show the Dew Tour what we have to offer. Flatland is just as progressive as any other form of BMX and we really believe that we deserve to be a part of this."

Check back soon for the photo gallery showcasing the skills of the BMX Flatground experts!


1st Place – Matthias Dandois

2nd Place – Terry Adams

Both Alex Jumelin and Matt Wilhelm were eliminated in their first battles.