The five-stop MasterCraft Pro Tour is now underway for 2010, and today, the Junior Pro Men and Pro Men worked all their kinks out for the rest of the weekend. Competition was fairly light, with three out of four pro riders making it through each heat and every single Junior Pro advancing. This will ensure that riders are comfortable with the course and will put on the best possible show on Friday and Saturday.

Danny Thollander has been around for a while now and is ready to make a push in 2010. With big wake riding and stylish rail moves like this back lip, he has all the tools to do so.

Eric Nikstad stays flat on his toeside indy backside 180, which shows control and his own personal style.


This shot shows how much control Jason Bannatyne has in the middle of his indy back roll to blind. When done correctly, the rider has a split second to spot his landing before putting faith in a late backside 180.

With great style on rails, Keith Lyman has all the tools, but wasn't able to put together a complete run on Thursday.

Tony Carrol opts to grab crail on his Bat Wing for extra style. Most riders do this move with an indy grab.

Black water means no wind. Great sign for the riders.