With the BMX Park Prelims happening at 2pm, the guys are really throwing it down to make sure all their tricks are on lock. From brand new, never before see tricks from Mark Webb to classic flairs and can cans its really getting everyone revved up for the prelims. There’s no doubt that its going to be exciting to see these guys battling it out for one of the nine spots in the finals in order to take on the top 3 riders at the moment, Garret Reynolds, Dave Mirra and Daniel Dhers.


Dennis Enarson – Rail Ride To Bar Spin

Brian Hunt – Cannonball

Craig Mast – Topside No Foot Can

Jeremiah Smith – 180 Superman Seat Grab

Andrew Buckworth – Flip Hand Plant

Daniel Dhers – Cannonball

Garrett Reynolds – Jersey Barrier Flair

Mark Webb – Down Whip Transfer

Alistair Whitton – Indian Air