Portland, Oregon is set to host the Wendy's Invitational August 13-16, and it's a good fit for a city with deep roots in BMX. Portland is home to an incredible amount of BMX talent, and the countless cement skateparks in the area only help to fuel the fire. The Portland scene covers all the bases—dirt, park, and street—and while many of the Portland locals won't be competing next week, you can expect them to be checking in to see what's up at the Dew Tour.

Endless Spots
Oregon has long been considered Mecca for action sports thanks to the infinite spots spread all over the state. Some are easy to find and bike-friendly, while others are hidden-away gems that you will need a hookup to find. The Portland BMX community has worked incredibly hard to get the scene where it is today, so know your etiquette before you even think about dropping in. Regardless of what you like to ride, you're bound to find it in Oregon—just be sure to show some respect.

Home Base
One Portland spot that is a must-visit for BMXers is Goods BMX Shop (2808 N.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Suite O). Every city has a shop that carries enough parts to help riders get by, but Goods literally has the goods. The shop is owned and operated by longtime BMXers Rich Hirsch and Shad Johnson, and they carry everything serious riders need. A rad shop also equals a perfect meet-up spot, so if you're looking for locals to shred with, Goods would be a good place to start.

You're bound to see amazing riding at the Portland Dew Tour, but don't leave it at that. Bring your bike, meet some locals, and spend some time behind the bars instead of just sitting in the stands. That's what BMX is about.