Ok, all you skate fans, the wait is finally over: the second stop of the Dew Tour, the Skate Open, ISF Skateboarding World Championships, goes down this week in Boston. All the big names are gonna come out to play. On the Park side, you’ve got last year’s winner Chaz Ortiz–all grown up after taking home a Dew Cup and killing it in State of Mind—defending his title against the likes of Sheckler, P-Rod, and Lutzka. While on the Vert side, PLG will be defending his Dew Cup against Burnquist, Bucky, and more, while also keeping an eye on the young set, led by Maloof Money Cup winner Alex Perelson.

But, this year things are a little different. Those Dew Tour regulars are going to be joined by a whole group of new-to-Dew-Tour name like Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval, Dennis Busenitz, Nick Dompierre, and the list goes on. Oh yeah, and Eric Koston is coming along too.

Check the full list of Pre-Qualified Skaters. And this is only the beginning – with Open and International Qualifiers going down, this list will grow.


Chaz Ortiz
Paul Rodriguez
Ryan Sheckler
Greg Lutzka
Austen Seaholm
Rodolfo Ramos
Carlos De Andrade
Danilo Do Rosario
Fabrizio Santos
Chris Mendes
Chad Bartie
Kurtis Colamonico
Tulio Oliveira
Danny Fuenzalida
Dayne Brummet
Wagner Ramos
Tyler Hendley
Sierra Fellers
Darrell Stanton
Dennis Busenitz
Lucas Carvalho
Chris Cole
Nick Dompierre
Jake Duncombe
Adam Dyet
Rodil Junior
Billy Marks
Milton Martinez
Peter Romondetta
Tommy Sandoval
Nick Trapassco
Tomas Vintr
Philippe Zwijsen


Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Andy Macdonald
Bob Burnquist
Bucky Lasek
Adam Taylor
Sandro Dias
Renton Millar
Danny Mayer
Neal Hendrix
Anthony Furlong
Alex Perelson
Josh Stafford