So you’re getting excited for the Wendy’s Invitational in Portland, and you’re probably starting to wonder who you’ll get to see throw down at the Rose Quarter.

The answer is: everyone. Well, maybe not technically ‘everyone’, but with the first three-sport stop of the Dew Tour this summer, it does feel a bit like a full-on reunion. With over 140 skateboarders and riders heading up to P-town, we promise it’ll be a great week. We’ve got everyone who ended up on top so far at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open and Skate Open ISF Skateboarding World Championships up to defend their #1 spots: Hult, Mirra, Bestwick, Sheckler, and Lasek. We also have everyone who landed on podiums at those stops, from Chris Cole to Ryan Decenzo to Ryan Nyquist to Steven McCann. 

We also have a bunch of people fresh off stellar X Games performances who could be looking to ride that momentum to a win in Portland: golden boys PLG, Garrett Reynolds, and P-Rod; and guys like Adam Dyet and Rob Lorifice, who got some taste of podium action and could want to stay up there…

And if that weren’t enough, we also are going to have some tales of comeback.  We’ve got a couple Dew Cup winners who are going to have to fight a little to defend their titles (Daniel Dhers and Cam White, we’re looking at you). Scotty Cranmer surprised everyone by not just riding the Dirt OQ but by ending up 14th in the standings, while ending much lower in Park. With an X-Games Gold in Park, Scotty could be looking to be a double threat.

Last, but definitely not least, it’s finally time for FMX to make it’s appearance on the 2009 Dew Tour, with a FMX jam session featuring Jeremy Stenberg, Mike Mason, Ronnie Faisst, Adam Jones, Nate Adams, Robbie Maddison, and Jeff Fehr. 

So, kids, get your autograph pens ready. Here’s the full list:

Skate Park
Dave Bachinsky
Chad Bartie
Kurtis Colamonico
Chris Cole
Carlos De Andrade
Ryan Decenzo
Danilo Do Rosario
Jake Duncombe
Adam Dyet
Danny Fuenzalida
Tyler Hendley
Jordan Hoffart
Timmy Knuth
Greg Lutzka
Milton Martinez
Chris Mendes
Robert Lopez Mont
Nilton Neves
Tulio Oliveira
Chaz Ortiz
Rodolfo Ramos
Wagner Ramos
Paul Rodrguez
Fabrizio Santos
Austen Seaholm
Christian Sereika
Ryan Sheckler
Philippe Zwijsen

Skate Vert

Marcelo Bastos
Bob Burnquist
Sandro Dias
Anthony Furlong
Pierre-Luc Gagnon
Rune Glifberg
Neal Hendrix
Bucky Lasek
Rob Lorifice
Andy Macdonald
Danny Mayer
Renton Millar
Zach Miller
Alex Perelson
Jean Postec
Paul-luc Ronchetti
Elliot Sloan
Josh Stafford
Adam Taylor
Lincoln Ueda

BMX Park

Brett Banasiewicz
Alessandro Barbero
Drew Bezanson
Andrew Buckworth
Austin Coleman
Allan Cooke
Scotty Cranmer
Rob Darden
Daniel Dhers
Dave Dillewaard
Brandon Dosch
Dennis Enarson
Ryan Guettler
Josh Harrington
Brian Hunt
Kevin Kiraly
Seth Klinger
Patrick Laughlin
Craig Mast
Steven McCann
Dave Mirra
Anthony Napolitan
Ryan Nyquist
Joshua Perry
Garrett Reynolds
Glenn Salyers
Jeremiah Smith
Mike Spinner
William Thompson
Jaie Toohey
Marcus Tooker
Morgan Wade
Mark Webb
Alistair Whitton
Gary Young

BMX Vert

Jamie Bestwick
Jason Branham
Vince Byron
Austin Coleman
Jay Eggleston
Jorge Jovel
Chad Kagy
Koji Kraft
Mike Mancuso
Steven McCann
Dennis McCoy
Rob Nolli
Kevin Robinson
Tom Stober
Simon Tabron
Jimmy Walker
Zackery Warden
Danny Williams
Francisco Zurita

BMX Dirt

Nate Berkheimer
Corey Bohan
Scotty Cranmer
Rob Darden
Brandon Dosch
Chris Doyle
Zakary Earley
TJ Ellis
Dennis Enarson
James Foster
Chris Gerber
Ryan Guettler
Josh Hult
TJ Lavin
Colin Mackay
Ricky Moseley
Anthony Napolitan
Ronnie Napolitan
Cory Nastazio
Ryan Nyquist
Luke Parslow
Colton Satterfield
Dane Searls
Josh Stead
Jaie Toohey
Ben Voyles
Morgan Wade
Cameron White
Scott Wirch  


Nate Adams
Ronnie Faisst
Jeff Fehr
Adam Jones
Robbie Maddison
Mike Mason
Jeremy Stenberg