Dew Tour fans slept with ringing ears last night after LMFAO rocked the Verizon Wireless stage at the Wendy’s Invitational. The Los Angeles bad boys, Sky Blu and Red Foo, backed up their eccentric reputation, and brought their stage presence into the crowd. When on stage the band blasted the crowd with singles like "I'm in Miami (Trick)" while the bands party-hardy Grandmother danced on stage. Other hits like "Shots" and "Yes" got the crowd bumping and dancing as security began to join the party.

Eventually Sky Blu had had enough of the stage and launched into the audience. After disappearing into a sea of hands his voice boomed over the speakers and the insanity began. With Red Foo still jumping on stage, Sky decided to climb a light pole for a birds-eye view of the crowd. As the show continued it was obvious LMFAO fans were leaving with a story to tell. Once Sky finally made it back to the stage the intensity of the atmosphere increased again. Sky had his shirt on and off, Red found a pair of pants on stage, and what had been a crowd turned into a sea of dancing bodies.

Electro fueled Hip-hop kept banging as Red asked the crowd to throw their hands up. The crowd interaction continued to intensify, the songs kept coming, and eventually Red made an announcement, "They want us off stage! But we're gunna' give you another one!" LMFAO threw the rules out the minute they stepped on stage, so when they were being told to leave, it's only fitting they turned the volume up and spat out a brand new remix to a newly deaf crowd.

After the show the band signed autographs, slapped hands, and ran off into Portland's nightlife.

Party rock is sweaty business.

Backstage with LMFAO minutes before the party really began

Portland’s party rock fans loving every minute of it.

You can’t be hip-hip without swinging chains.

An all night intensity.

Dramatic moments in party rock heaven.

Someone lost their pants, but Red Foo found them.

Concert security loved this.

It’s not a party without a crowd surf.

In yo’ face.

Sometimes Granny has to help you up.

Photos and words by Nick Lipton