Kyle Baldock Wins’s BMX Dirt Best Trick

Directly following the BMX dirt finals the riders made their way back to the top of the drop-in ramp to lineup for their chance to take all with one trick as part of the BMX Dirt Best Trick competition for a grand finale to the Dew Tour Toyota City Championship with regard to BMX dirt! It all went down right after dirt finals and needless to say it was an amazing event. TJ Ellis, Kevin Peraza, Colton Satterfield, Anthony Napolitan, Kyle Baldock, James Foster and Pat Casey all got together and decided to send themselves for some serious cash. The prize money was broken down to $5,000 for first, $3,000 for second and $1,000 for third making a total of $9,000 grand up for grabs.

The format was setup like an organized jam with riders going in order until the clock ran out of time, once the clock stops, every rider had the option to take one last run and lay it all on the line. Every single rider brought their best bag of tricks to the table, but history was made tonight by the Australian sensation Kyle Baldock as he shocked the BMX community with a trick that had never been done until tonight – a frontflip cliffhanger. Not only did he unveil a new trick, but he sent it on his final attempt of the night once the clock had stopped which only added to the night’s excitement. “I don’t even know where to start. Going out there and doing that trick was in dedication to Brett Banasiewicz first of all, to everyone at home and [to the fans] here in San Fran because I wanted to make it happen for you guys,” said Baldock.

Kyle Baldock Wins’s BMX Dirt Best Trick

Kyle Baldock


Although Kyle surprised everyone with a brand new trick, the rest of the riders equally added to the insanity of the night. James Foster went out there to get some revenge on the course. “I pretty much screwed up all of my runs in the finals so I wanted to get a little redemption and pull the 360 bar-to-bar back to downside whip in best trick at least. I’m stoked, it was a fun contest,” said Foster.

Kyle Baldock Wins’s BMX Dirt Best Trick

James Foster

The rider that rounded out the third place spot was the only one to make the podium during the finals earlier was Colton Satterfield looking to win some bonus cash. Originally he wasn’t even going to ride in the Best Trick contest, but once everyone began to throw down he was so hyped up he couldn’t resist. Satterfield said, “I just went out there for fun. I wasn’t going to do it but everyone just kind of got me pumped up so I went out there to get a few tricks done.” Satterfield threw a backflip barspin to late tailwhip to land an extra $1,000 in his pocket.

Kyle Baldock Wins’s BMX Dirt Best Trick

Colton Satterfield

Overall, the level of riding combined with the overall San Francisco vibe couldn’t have made for a better BMX dirt competition at Dew Tour. All of the riders stayed safe, the crowd got an unreal show and everyone left with a smile on their face. Unless you live on another planet, that should be considered a success.

Kyle Baldock Wins’s BMX Dirt Best Trick

Congratulations to all of the riders that threw down and showed San Fran what BMX is all about. Be sure to check out the photo gallery posted to the top of this article.


1st Place – Kyle Baldock – Cliffhanger Frontflip

2nd Place – James Foster – Bar-to-Bar back to Downside Whip

3rd Place – Colton Satterfield – Barspin to Tailwhip Backflip

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